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Toasted Muesli

Yields28 Servings

Musli Recipe

 200 g Honey
 300 g Warm Water
 2 ½ tsp Biohawk Relief Powder
 750 g Rolled Oats
 100 g Pistachio Nuts
 100 g Macadamia Nuts
 100 g Slivered Almonds
 165 g Seed Mix (Pepitas & Sunflower)
 100 g Craisins
 100 g Dried Mango
 100 g Dried Apricots
 1 tsp Ginger Oil

Mix honey, water and Relief Powder together.


Place oats, nuts and seed mix in large bowl.


Pour honey and water mix over oats and nuts and stir to coat. Cover with cling wrap or put in air tight container.


In a separate bowl mix chopped dried fruit with enough Ginger Oil to just coat. Allow to sit all day or overnight.


Take oat mix and spread into baking paper lined trays. Do not make too thick use two or more trays.


Place into oven at 120°C for 1 hour stirring occasionally until toasted, (lightly browned).


Allow to cool. Stir through dried fruit and store in airtight container.


Serve with milk or yoghurt pretreated with Biohawk products.

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