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Rum balls

Yields1 Serving

Rum Balls

 1 Chocolate cake (see Chocolate Cake recipe)
 1 cup Sultanas
 5 ½ tbsp Rum
  tsp Relief
 375 g Dark Chocolate
 Coconut for rolling
 Pinch Relief

Place sultanas, Relief and rum in a sealable container and toss to cover the sultanas. Seal and allow to sit for 1 hour.


Place chocolate cake in food processor and turn into crumbs.


Melt chocolate over double boiler on low heat. When melted add a pinch of Relief and stir through.


Mix the rum and sultana mix through the cake crumbs.


Stir through the chocolate. Using your hands ensure chocolate is fully incorporated into the cake crumbs.


Roll into balls and then roll into coconut to coat. Keep refrigerated until required.