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Sweet Potato Patty

300g peeled and grated sweet potato

1 egg at room temperature

DigestEasy or Relief for egg

Salt and pepper to taste

½ tablespoon Rice bran oil


Squeeze excess moisture out of the grated sweet potato using a sieve, and put the solid in a bowl.  Add the egg (treated with a little DigestEasy OR Relief with a little oil) and salt and pepper, and mix well.  Heat the oil in a non-stick frypan to medium.  Divide the sweet potato mix in four and shape into four patties.  Cook for 2 minutes using a spatula to flatten slightly until underside is golden. Flip over and cook other side until crisp and golden.  Serve with one or two 6 or 8 minute boiled eggs with a set but not hard yolk.

Serves 2.

NB: sweet potato is a safe vegetable for people with intolerance to proline-rich proteins.

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