Safe Nutritious Food 4All

Biohawk ginger digests proline-rich proteins in our normal western food to:

  • Remove the risk of over-stimulating our immune system
  • Reduce the risk of food intolerance symptoms and autoimmune diseases
  • Release the foods’ total nutrients: the starch, oil, minerals and vitamins that are encapsulated in digestion-resistant proline-rich proteins
  • Allow the nutrients to be absorbed in the small intestine
  • Prevent nutrient fermentation in the large intestine
  • Establish a neutral pH in the large intestine that allows good bacteria to flourish

Wheat flour does not become “gluten-free”: gluten is an important part of the flour but gluten’s prolyl groups are digested.  Milk’s casein and beta-lactoglobulin have their prolyl groups digested: “a2” and “a1” milk each have their casomorphin digested; intolerance to milk’s proteins is removed for both “a2” and “a1” milk.  The same applies to other foods with proline-rich proteins.

Food becomes safe whether you have the gene for food intolerance or not and all the food’s nutrition is released.

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